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"We’ve seen a few other speech therapists over the past 5 years but none of them have come close to the level of knowledge and results that we’ve seen over the past 6 months here at Garrison City Speech and Language.
They work so well with kids that my 8 year old actually enjoys coming! They genuinely care about each of their clients and take the time after each session to discuss what was worked on and what to practice at home. I can’t recommend them highly enough!"

- J.P., Kittery, ME

"My daughter had a tongue thrust swallow which was impacting her articulation. I was referred to Sharilyn who did not disappoint. She was wonderful with my daughter and accepts insurance which was a huge bonus. Her office is clean and professional. I highly recommend her services."

- J.W., Greenland, NH

"Garrison City Speech has been absolutely amazing for my son. His progress has surpassed even my highest expectations. Garrison City Speech is a professional and knowledgeable practice with a welcoming and gentle touch."

- B.A., Madbury, NH

"It was suggested to me by a speech therapist friend to seek treatment from Sharilyn Mott for services to address a vocal chord injury. I learned so much from Sharilyn, and we worked for several months to address my issues with a three-fold approach. I learned how to take measures to prevent reinjury, and she gave me things to work on at home. She also video taped many of my sessions so that we could track my progress. She also worked tirelessly with my insurance company to work out kinks. I am happy to report that I am fully recovered from my VCI, and I would recommend this practice to anyone who needs speech therapy services specific to vocal chords."

- V.G., Raymond, NH

"My daughter went from saying only two words at 20 months to over 200 by 2 years old! We couldn't have done it without Garrison City Speech. She is now saying 3-5 word sentences and I even got my first "I love you" the other day."

-M.H., Durham, NH

"Sharilyn Mott is a thoughtful and talented clinician who has expertise in assessing the speech/language needs of both children and adults. She and her team offer skilled assessment and therapy services and provide excellent collaboration with other professionals and school team members. I feel confident in referring my clients to Sharilyn and her team knowing they will receive excellent care."

- Dr. Rubin, Neuropsychologist, Portsmouth, NH

"Garrison City Speech & Language has provided my family the best skills, compassion and kindness. If you are looking for the BEST in SLP Therapy you have come to the right place! Sharilyn Mott and the entire team have provided exceptional services and fantastic care. Their quality and integrity is unmatched and shine through!"

- T.M., Somersworth, NH

"We have had an excellent experience with Garrison City Speech. Sharilyn Mott is fantastic. She has specialized expertise in laryngeal dysfunction (vocal cord dysfunction) and really helped my daughter. She went out of her way to meet with my daughter on short notice, communicated clearly and quickly about my daughter's appointments, and followed up with us as well. Additionally the office is easy to access. All the staff are pleasant. Great experience overall."

- D.P., Durham, NH

"I cannot express in words my profound gratitude for finding Sharilyn in my family's desperate time of need.

My daughter experienced a brain bleed on April 26, 2018. She had emergency brain surgery at Boston Children's. When she was discharged we were told to immediately get her into speech therapy.

She had extreme difficulties finding her words. It was devastating and so hard to watch her struggle and not know what the outcome would be.

I found Garrison City Speech online and was feeling quite positive after reading the reviews. I called and luckily Sharilyn picked up right away. I felt I poured my heart and soul out to her in a matter of minutes. She was very understanding of my situation and desperation and agreed to meet with my daughter asap.

My daughter has been going to Garrison City Speech for almost a year now. The work that Sharilyn and her team have done with my child has been, simply put, amazing. The progress she has made has been outstanding, it is night and day compared to when she first walked through the door.

Sharilyn has been a huge support and advocate for us. Whether it be dealing with our insurance company or the school system, she has stepped in and offered help and guidance throughout the entire process. She has attended school meetings and directly talks with the school on my daughter's behalf to insure that she is getting all the support possible.

I could not be happier and would highly recommend Garrison City Speech to anyone. I will be forever thankful to Sharilyn and her team. They are true professionals and really know what they are doing. They have given my daughter back her confidence, an immeasurable gift."  💚

- K.K., Dover, NH

"Sharilyn and all the therapists at Garrison have been so wonderful and helpful. Our daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and finding good specialists has been a challenge.
We couldn't have asked for a better team. My daughter absolutely loves them, and the change in her is remarkable."

- C.C., Rochester, NH

"I cannot recommend Sharilyn Mott highly enough! Sharilyn was instrumental in helping me work through my postoperative cognitive dysfunction. Numerous surgeries and the after-effects of anesthesia left me struggling with word retrieval, organization, memory, and confusion for over a year. Sharilyn was key in coaching me on how to plan and organize in new ways, how to talk with my employer about what I was struggling with and the impact on my job, and how to keep moving forward personally and professionally - how to do what needed to be done.

Sharilyn is thoughtful, compassionate and genuine! I was referred to her by a family member and have also witnessed the great impact she has had on the speech of two younger members of our family. I don't know that it's common to miss a healthcare professional, but I actually miss my weekly appointments! Very grateful for Sharilyn's expertise and professionalism!"

- K.L., Portsmouth, NH

"Garrison City Speech is the best place to take your child! They are so flexible, give great home exercises for you to work on with your child should you wish and thus far have gotten the most progress out of my daughter. The owner understands children with special needs and speech disorders and welcomes everyone with open arms, compassion and creativity. She is brilliant. Her staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, it's by far the best place to get your child’s speech needs met!

- C.P., Rochester, NH

Sharilyn has been working with my daughter's speech apraxia. She has been able to get her to make sounds I never thought she would be able to make! She is very patient and thinks outside the box when it comes to difficult speech needs. I couldn't imagine my daughter anywhere else.

- N.E., Dover, NH

"We have been immensely pleased with Garrison City Speech in the language and skill development of our 3 year old son. They have been incredibly understanding of our son's background and specific needs. We expected them to focus only on speech, but through therapy our son has also grown in play skills and social development. We love that the sessions are 45 minutes - I have no idea how a traditional 30 minute session could possibly fit in everything that they are able to do in 45. Our son loves therapy ("playing with Miss Kristin") and we have seen tremendous growth in the last 4 months of speech therapy. We would recommend Garrison City Speech to anyone looking for a fantastic speech therapist."

- E.M., Somersworth, NH

"My son has been going to Garrison City Speech for over 2 years now. In those years I can't believe how much he has grown, not only in his speech but as a person. The primary reason for him to be seen was due to articulation, but Sharilyn and her amazing colleagues have worked on his grammar, boosted his confidence and supported my son in who he is making him feel comfortable. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this funny, educational setting. We are so lucky to have Garrison City Speech in our life."

- A.B., Lebanon, ME

"As a parent professional to a child with Autism, I am very selective of the providers we choose to work with our son. Once we find them, however, we stay with them for life. Sharilyn is one of those providers. Many have told me my standards are too high, and that I shouldn't expect as much as I do. I disagree. Children with special needs require, and deserve, special individuals dedicated to understanding their unique needs, and who understand that with the right intervention, they will soar and achieve everything within their potential. Sharilyn is committed to helping make that happen. I can't say enough about her dedication to her field, and to the parents and children she serves. We owe her a debt of gratitude for all she has done for our son, and our family."

- C.N., York, ME

"If you are looking for speech and language services, I cannot recommend Garrison City enough! The environment there is so welcoming to children. We are there multiple times a week and my son always looks forward to his sessions. We have been in speech therapy for six years, with various different offices, and Sharilyn and the therapists at Garrison City have been the first to “get” our son. His progress has been so encouraging to see and he has gained so much self-confidence with his language. We also recently added on reading services and could not be happier with the newfound excitement our son has about learning."

- N.L., Dover, NH


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